My name is Austin Bennett and like you, I have witnessed the deterioration of our state and the misrepresentation by our elected officials such as Dr. Richard Pan of District, who no longer represents the people, but instead is passing laws which make California unsafe, that infringe on citizens’ unalienable rights and is both reckless and destruction to our children’s future. An example of this is the latest attempt to pass a law called “The Children’s Bill of Rights for the Children and Youth in California.” This bill is nothing more than a ruse to beguile the Californians to strip parental rights and turn our children over to become state wards.


For years, our current state representative’s vision has been to take more and more from the people of California. Taking more money in taxes. Taken more power and rights away from the people. And while our infrastructure is still failing around us and businesses are leaving our state taking jobs from our communities, the only answer we see from our current state representatives is to continue to increase taxes making California families pay more and have less.

Is this your vision of California? Is this the future you had in mind for your children?

I believe we can do better! My vision for California is to return the power back to the people. My vision is to restore, strengthen, reform, protect and bring about change so that there will be a better future for California families.


  • RESTORE the government to the people of California and confront those who have failed in their duty by duplicity.
  • RESTORE the sovereignty to the state of California and stop the federal government’s unconstitutional overreach.
  • STRENGTHEN the people’s ability to have a say in state law. The Ballot Measure is the people’s instrument, but is outdated and cripples the people’s ability to affect change, legislate law and keep our government in check.
  • REFORM the Senate Resolution process which allows this government to make deviations swiftly with little oversight. This circumvents the legislative bill process and allows this government to act with immunity from its obligation to the people. Further, the resolution does not require 72 hours’ notice and amendments are not overheard by a committee.
  • REFORM The Divorce and Family Court system which is breached and corrupt. This broken and fraudulent structure must be held accountable. The system pits husband against wife and is not designed to justly remedy conflicts, but instead to further incite, exploit and drag out a long legal battle that is profitable to attorneys and judges alike.
  • PROTECT Children who have especially suffered, being displaced from their homes by a compromised court system that incentivizes judges to separate children from their parents and send them to foster homes; often where mental and sexual abuse is suffered
  • PROTECT Children from forced vaccinations. Forcing vaccinations on children by the government is unconstitutional. The legal decision must be left to the rightful authority of parents. Allowing the state to force parents to permit needles with vaccines made in China without oversight, is an egregious assault by the government on the citizens of this state.
  • PROTECT unborn babies by the Equal Protections Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Declaration protects each child the same right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As it stands, the United States has infringed on this right and allowed Planned Parenthood to function with impunity and immunity from the law, and further, has been caught killing babies that have been born, and illegally selling baby body parts in the black market.
  • CHANGE the educational system by removing Common Core from our schools. The educational system has been used against our children, rather than to help them. Our children are being conditioned not to be critical thinkers or leaders, but followers. This is a one size fits all and leaves no room for students different learning styles, pace or preference. Parents are no longer having a right in the say of a child’s education; teachers must follow the direction of the federal government bureaucrat. This program which is bad for America also costs California tax payers $760 million dollars. Common Core is Unconstitutional; the federal government has no right to control our education and is another overreach by our government.  This is communism in the making.